National Manufacturing Practice Director

“CEO, a valued Expert Network Partner of our firm, has worked with us in several of our private equity cases to help with an extensive operations due diligence, acquisition planning and integration, and operations and supply chain rationalization assignments.  CEO has continued to work independently with our clients, guiding them through detailed execution and implementation of facility planning and consolidations, common operating platforms, complex organizational changes, and best-in-class operating practices. “


“CEO is a small, creative, enlightening yet straight-shooting consulting firm that understands how to connect strategy to execution and achieve real benefits for their clients.  I have worked with CEO on four occasions while serving executive roles in different companies.  Every assignment has produced dramatic, sustainable improvements beyond all expectations to these businesses. “

General Manager

“CEO recently worked with us on three different assignments: A full integration and implementation project, an operations and distribution transformation project, and an outsourcing realignment project.  We choose to work with CEO because of their experience and practical approaches to major change, their unique ability to work in harmony with our people, and their ability to get things done and really improve performance.”

Global VP, Operations

“We worked with CEO for several years, transforming our global operating units and brands.  They helped us to implement new and advanced operating systems and behaviors that run deep and not only survived, but thrived through highly competitive market shifts, economic challenges, and organizational changes.  During this time our company doubled its revenues.”

Executive VP

“CEO has always positioned themselves as improvement visionaries, implementing innovative approaches to strategic and operational improvement in a diverse spectrum of clients and operating environments. Their consistent performance in several of our different business units is testimony to this innovative thinking followed up by deep execution experience that has enabled us to achieve new breakthroughs in our enterprise-wide supply chain.”