CEO’s core competency and brand is strategic and operational transformation. We guide clients through their entire transformation cycle: Strategy, Deployment Planning and Integration, Execution, and Sustainability of Breakthrough Operating Performance.

CEO’s detailed practice areas and examples of our services is provided below:

Operations/Manufacturing Improvement Strategy and Execution

  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Strategy and Rationalization
  • Detailed Operations Diagnostics and Assessments, Implementation Planning and Execution Support of Manufacturing and Transactional Business Improvement Opportunities
  • Evaluation of Market-Aligned Operations and Supply Chain Restructuring Options
  • Manufacturing Plant and Total Network Analysis, Layout and Flow Efficiencies, Capacity, Resource Planning, and Immediate Process Improvement Opportunities
  • Distribution Operations, Transportation and Logistics, Consolidations, 3PL Integration, Complexity Reduction
  • Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma Deployments, Assessments, and Revivals
  • Carve-Out Planning and Preparation
  • Operations Strategy Alignment, Deployment, Execution, and Sustainability Best Practices

Private Equity Support

  • Pre-Sale Quick Assessments, Improvements to P&L, Balance Sheet, Financial Performance
  • Operations Due Diligence, Turnarounds, Formal Company-Wide Improvement Initiatives
  • Detailed Acquisition Integration, Focused Change Leadership, Program Management, and Technical Execution Support
  • Interim Leadership, and Executive and Organizational Evaluations
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and CAPEX Requirements
  • “Hands On” Integration Leadership, Implementation, and Results
  • Product Management and Rationalization: Product Portfolio Variety, Risk, and Complexity Reduction
  • Commercialization and Revenue Growth
  • Rapid Asset Management Improvement Initiatives (Inventory, Quality, Capacity, Speed, Cost Reduction)
  • Leadership/Organizational, Cultural, and People Process Assessment and Integration

Demand and Supply Chain Management

  • Demand/Supply Chain Management and Synchronization Strategies
  • Supply Chain Operations/Facility Assessments and Improvement Opportunities
  • Segmented Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Supply Chain and Third Party Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Receiving and Stockroom Best Practices
  • Inventory Management, Analysis, and Pipeline Performance Improvement
  • Order Fulfillment, Order-To-Cash Planning and Execution Systems
  • Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, 3PL Strategies
  • F/G SKU and R/M Parts Rationalization, Standardization, and Consolidation

Time-To-Market and New Product Development

  • Commercialization and Competitive Analysis
  • Product Strategy and Platform Planning
  • Idea Generation, Screening, and Concept Engineering
  • Structured Stage/Gate Design, Phase and Design Review Best Practices
  • Design Standards and Guidelines
  • Market and Business Case Analysis
  • Features/Function/Value/Time/Cost Analysis and Functional Specification Development
  • Time-To Market Cycle Time Reduction
  • Integrated Product, Software, Process, and Packaging Design, and Design for “X”
  • Validation and Test Strategies and Practices
  • Field Reliability and Out-of-Box Quality
  • New Product Commercialization (Release, Inventory Strategies, Spares Management, Technical Support, Literature, Customer Service, etc.)
  • Overall NPD Portfolio, Pipeline, and Project Management, Waste Elimination

Global Quality and Reliability Management

  • Quality Management System (QMS) Assessment and Evaluation
  • Quality Policies and Practices
  • Lean, Six Sigma, Other CI Deployments
  • DFMEA, PFMEA, Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) Process Management
  • Oversight, Compliance, and Regulatory Processes and Cost/Risk Reduction
  • Nonconformance, Field Returns, Warranty/Repair and Refurbishment
  • Proactive Quality Analysis and Improvement
  • Design for Quality and Field Reliability
  • Supply Chain Complexity, Cost Reduction, and Velocity Improvement
  • Network Capacity and Optimization Studies
  • Distribution and Warehousing Facility Assessments and Design
  • Material Handling and Conveyance, Racking Design, Transporter Technologies, Detailed Design and Layout Planning
  • Transformation from Traditional Distribution to High Velocity E-Commerce Operating Models

Procurement and Supplier Management

  • Purchasing Management and Process Effectiveness
  • Supplier Sourcing and Synergy/Partnering Development
  • Supplier Assessment, Qualification, Onboarding, and Certification
  • Supplier Selection: Make vs. Buy, Outsourcing vs. Reshoring
  • Supply Base Segmentation, Rationalization Optimization, Right-sizing
  • Supplier Improvement, Performance Dashboards, and Risk Avoidance
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • Supplier-Enabled Innovation

Targeted Breakthrough Strategic Improvement Assignments

  • Kaizen, Lean, Toyota Production System (TPS), Six Sigma, Basic Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Support, and Other General Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Enterprise-Wide Business/Transactional Process Improvement and “Fix a Serious Problem” Assignments:
    • Growth, Cost Reduction, Margin/Quality/Velocity Improvement
    • Business Restructuring and Consolidations
    • Sales and Marketing Planning and Execution Processes
    • Order Entry and Release, Order Fulfillment Cycle
    • Distribution and Warehousing, Transportation and Logistics
    • Accounting, Finance, Cash-to-Cash, and Capital Management
    • Technology Management, Engineering and R&D
    • Software Development and SDLC
    • Warranty and Returns, Discounts and Allowances
    • Advertising and Promotions
    • Packaging Low Cost Design, Branding, and Integration
    • Organizational Design and Restructuring
    • Mining the Hidden, Unknown, and Undiscovered Opportunities for Improvement
  • Customer Service, Spares, Repair “Best Practices” Design and Delivery
  • Regulatory and Compliance Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Performance Management System Design, “Good Day-Bad Day” Metrics and Measurements
  • Defining and Optimizing the Total Customer Experience

Integration of Digital Technologies

  • Enterprise Architecture, ERP, and Specialized Applications Evaluations
  • Business Process Improvement, IT Implementation Support, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS),Rationalization and Optimization Analytics, ERP Integration Improvements
  • Business Analytics, Mobility, Predictive and Preventive Performance and Monitoring
  • Digitization, IoT and Industry 4.0 Strategy and Infrastructure Planning
  • Digital Lean and CI Best Practices, Technology/Process Improvement Integration
  • Real Time Performance Measurement and Digital Dashboards, Issues Exposure, and Corrective Actions

Custom Education and Talent Development

  • Executive and Organizational Mentoring, Change Management, Teaming Best Practices, Culture Change
  • Adaptive and Customized Education, Certification, and Talent Development on Strategic Improvement Principles and Methodologies (e.g., Leadership Development, Adaptive Lean, Six Sigma, Mentoring and Coaching, Teaming Best Practices, NPD Process Design, SCM Principles and Best Practices, Procurement Systems, etc.)
  • Client Tailored Participant Gamification Exercises and Direct Applications to Foster Immediate Engagement, Motivation, and the Success Experience

27 Years (1991 – 2018), over 350 clients in 23 countries, billions of dollars in documented savings and value contribution . . . and still counting.