Applied Transformation Leadership
Coming Soon – Applied Transformation Leadership: Timeless Lessons About Breakthrough Improvement And Culture Change

This forthcoming book provides many practical lessons about how to lead successful transformation initiatives, achieve real breakthroughs in competitiveness and operating performance, and nurture the right patterns of behaviors and cultural attributes to sustain the gains. The author’s guidance is based on over four decades of leadership experience, working with over 350 companies in 23 countries. Beyond the pragmatic lessons learned, the book includes many real life examples, case studies, and situational assessments to further the reader’s transformation leadership development.

Global Kata
Global Kata: Success Through the Lean Business System Reference Model

Global Kata: Success Through the Lean Business System Reference Model™ sets a new benchmark for the evolution of Lean and strategic improvement. The book and the reference model provide a detailed road map for leading, designing, architecting, implementing, and sustaining a holistic, organization-centric and culturally grounded Lean Business System. The Lean Business System Reference Model™ provides the larger scale blueprint for a higher order, best-in-class, adaptive systematic process of improvement…

Out of the Present Crisis
Out of the Present Crisis: Rediscovering Improvement in the New Economy (2012)

Today, organizations have achieved an overall failure rate above 80 percent with Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and continuous improvement in general. This is certainly not due to a shortage of books, consultants, and other online resources about the methodologies and tools, or the success stories of Toyota and others. However, it is due to a shortage of knowledge and practice about the most critical success factors of improvement: leadership, sustaining infrastructure, behavioral and cultural transformation, and now emerging technology. These factors produce 90 percent of the success with continuous and sustainable improvement; the methodologies and tools represent an irrelevant 10 percent. For decades, most organizations have focused on this quick and easy, irrelevant 10 percent through an endless series of fad, in-vogue improvement programs as they attempt to mimic the best-in-class practices of the most successful organizations.

Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results
Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results: How to Achieve Improvement Excellence™ in the New Economy (2011)

In the new economy, the mandates for improvement initiatives are rapid deployment and sustainable results. Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results provides real-world direction for this new improvement agenda with targeted rapid deployment and the Scalable Lean Six Sigma approach for quickly achieving high-impact results, return on investment, and growth in global market share.

Six-Sigma for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations
Six-Sigma for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations: Success Through Scalable Deployment (2005)

This book delineates the leadership, strategy, implementation planning, execution, integration, and performance measurement issues that are universal to all organizations.

The Lean Extended Enterprise
The Lean Extended Enterprise: Moving Beyond the Four Walls to Value Stream Excellence (2003)

This book provides executives, managers and educators with a comprehensive implementation plan for implementing enterprise-wide lean. Using the Lean Extended Enterprise Reference Model (LEERM), it demonstrates that by deploying the right methodologies and technologies to the right situation you can achieve breakthroughs in performance. It also illustrates how to integrate lean, six sigma, kaizen and enterprise resources planning into a total business improvement initiative, beyond the four walls of an organization.Key

The Future Focused Organization
The Future Focused Organization: Complete Organizational Alignment for Breakthrough Results (1995)

This book presents practical techniques for realigning business organizations for breakthrough success. KEY TOPICS: This is the only end-to-end guide to refocusing your entire organization on a positive, proactive vision of the future. From reengineering the organization to anticipating tomorrow’s cusotmer expectations, the authors help senior management actually achieve the radical transformations they know are necessary. Moran and Burton present proven techniques for building “virtual superteams” that are agile enough to compete regardless of how the business environment changes, and they offer an essential guide to hiring and rewards in this new era. The Future Focused Organization is ideal for senior executives, strategic planners, market and sales managers, and designers of current or emerging organizations.