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25 Years (1991 – 2016), over 350 clients in 23 countries, billions of dollars in documented savings and value contribution . . . and still counting.



For 25 years, The Center for Excellence in Operations, Inc. (CEO for short) has 11130432_10152893778304624_4800328554300747417_oimplemented strategic and breakthrough improvement in over 350 global organizations and diverse industries.  We are innovators and thought leaders of strategic improvement – from concept to execution.

Currently we focus on mid-market and private equity companies, and bring extensive implementation experience with Operations Excellence, Supply Chain and Procurement Excellence, Go To Market (GTM) and Product Development Excellence, Transactional Business Process Innovation, Technology-Enabled Improvement, Business Turnarounds, Private Equity and Acquisition Evaluation/Integration, Interim Management, and complex problem solving in a specific strategic area of importance.

Our practice has incorporated Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, The Toyota Production System (TPS), Basic Industrial and Systems Engineering, ERP and related Enterprise Architectures, and other general strategic and continuous improvement engagements for decades.  We continue to innovate, advance, and adapt these various improvement methodologies and are recognized as industry leaders of strategic improvement in the complex web-dependent professional and knowledge-based core business processes.  We are also recognized experts in implementing and helping to internalize a higher order, enterprise-wide, technology-enabled, and culturally grounded XYZ Business System approach to strategic improvement .  CEO is affiliated with L.E.K. Consulting as one of their “Expert Network” partners. We also enjoy synergy relationships with several other larger consulting, private equity, venture capital, software, executive search, and niche professional services organizations.

Tangible, Sustainable Results:The Big Differentiator of our Practice

We are very experienced change leaders, operations executives, business system architects, and subject matter experts that have deep and diverse industry experiences, adaptive improvement skills, business process knowledge, and the ability to lead executives and their organizations to new levels of competitiveness and superior performance.  We pride ourselves on building this competency internally with our clients so they can continue to achieve even higher levels of performance and cultural success.

Improvement by our definition is tangible revenue growth, market share, cost reduction, cash flow, asset utilization, time-to-market, supply chain excellence, best product and process quality and reliability, talent development, highest value proposition, and superior customer experiences – all of which positively impact market loyalty, EBITDA, and total stakeholder value.  We take our value proposition seriously: It is the norm for our clients to achieve annualized benefits in excess of 10X to 50X CEO’s fees.

We Don’t Forget Execution: It’s Our Superior Competency

Execution is more than a differentiator: It is our strength and our passion.  Giving professional advice and/or providing generic training around business strategy, the latest fad improvement program or TPS/improvement tools is easy and without accountability.  Most consulting firms do not, and have not implemented much of anything.  This is not a criticism, it’s just the way the majority of this industry works.  Their strength is developing strategy, training the masses, and conducting extensive data analysis by intellectually brilliant resources that have not yet developed deep operations and business knowledge, and lack the leadership savvy of a wide variety of implementation experiences. In the consulting industry, most resources are working in their first job out of business school.

Strategy by itself is flashy but our clients demand strategy activation . . .  Flawless implementation support followed by quick, breakthrough results.  Execution is the tough, risky work that achieves the intended results of strategy – and measurable success.  The devil is always in the details, much of what is not clearly understood until we work with our clients through our actual implementation of change.  Our practice encompasses the entire space – from the 50,000 foot strategy and vision for change, to the realities of “Ground Zero” implementation,  superior growth and operating margins, internal talent development, and sustainability of improvement as the new cultural foundation of excellence.

Breakthrough Results Matter

Implementing strategic and operating improvements, achieving real validated results, and developing our clients to sustain their own gains is a much more complicated but rewarding endeavor – for everyone, and in every way.  CEO’s strength is in adapting the process, scope, and execution of improvement to specific organizational needs and real opportunities for our clients. Many of our client executives openly admit that working with CEO has been one of the best and most enjoyable learning experiences,  and best business investments of their entire career.  Our clients have these strong convictions because:

  • We are proud to help our clients consistently reach documented annualized run rate improvements equal to 3% to 10%+ of revenues.
  • We are proud to leave our clients with a 10X to 50X+ return on their CEO investment within the first 12-18 months.
  • We are proud that 100% of our clients have rehired CEO for additional projects.
  • We are proud that the majority of our business comes from our own client referrals to other executives and organizations.
  • We are proud of our long term relationships with our client executives and associates, even as they make career moves to other organizations.
  • We are proud that these performance benchmarks do not exist in any other consulting organization.

This is a quick overview of our practice: different, but superior.  But don’t take our word for it – ask our clients about their experiences, our practical operating style, our commitment and ownership for results, our truth in delivery proposition, our low overhead and fee structure, and our consistent demonstrated performance.  Over the years our clients have turned out to be our best sales and marketing organization.  We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our firm’s practice, professional services, capabilities, case studies, and our consistent track record of delivering a 10X to 50X+ ROI on improvement to our clients.

“We’ve been helping many clients turn around and infuse technology into their stalled out Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain, Product Development, and other major improvement initiatives – and achieve renewed success and sustainability beyond belief . . . I mean multi-millions of dollars in new benefits, and the internal capability to keep it going.”

Contact CEO at (603) 471-0300, or burton@ceobreakthrough.com

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